Komatsu Equipment Inspections

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Get Komatsu used machines inspected

Basically Mevas engineers can inspect the condition of any construction machine or truck with an engine and a hydraulic system. Over the years of performing used machinery inspections we have qualified to some areas. In the recent years we have inspected various used Komatsu machines. Amongst these have been:

Tracked Excvavators PC200, PC210, PC240, PC300, PC360, PC450, PC600, PC1200 and various smaller excavators. Video about Komatsu excavator inspection

Wheel Loader WA65, WA100, WA200, WA270, WA380, WA420, WA470, WA600, WA800

Mobile Excavators PX130, PW160, PW180, PW200

Dump Trucks HM300, HM400

Rigid trucks HD325, HD405 HD465

Backhoe loaders WB93, WB97

Bulldozers D31, D51, D61EX, D61PX, D65EX, D65PX, D85EX, D85PX, D155AX, D375A. Video about Komatsu Bulldozer inspection

Motor Grader GD650, GD655. Feel free to check-out our sample reports.

Special Machines & Power Generators

Our main business is third party inspection of used construction machines and earthmovers such as motor graders, mobile and tracked excavators, wheel and track loaders, bulldozers, and road construction equipment such as pavers and rollers. But we can also check the quality of Power Generators or Road Reclaimers, Milling Machines and Cold Planners.

Komatsu PC2000 Excavator

Specific Inspections

MEVAS is a German Heavy Equipment inspection company. We are specialized in technical condition inspections of articulated dump trucks, rigid dumpers, quarry and mining trucks, wheel loaders, bulldozers, compaction rollers, excavators, track type tractors, crawler loaders and motor graders. We are specialized in Caterpillar including ECM reading (with CAT-Communication adapter), Caterpillar undercarriage measurement and other detailed examinations.

All used brand names like Caterpillar®, Komatsu©, Volvo©, Bell©, Liebherr© Hitachi© are under copyright of the present owners and might be registered trade marks®

What is known about Komatsu and what types of machines does the company produce?

Komatsu is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of heavy equipment and machinery for a variety of industries, including construction, mining, forestry, and more. The company has a long history dating back to its founding in 1921 and has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment. Here is an overview of Komatsu and the types of machines the company produces:

•Komatsu Group• The Komatsu Group is a large conglomerate of companies, with Komatsu Ltd. as its core entity. It operates globally and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

•Types of Machines Produced by Komatsu•

1. •Construction Equipment•
- *Excavators*: Komatsu manufactures a wide range of excavators, from compact models to large mining excavators.
- *Bulldozers*: Komatsu's bulldozers are known for their power and versatility, suitable for various earthmoving and grading tasks.
- *Wheel Loaders*: Komatsu produces wheel loaders for tasks such as material handling, loading trucks, and general construction.
- *Motor Graders*: Komatsu motor graders are used for road construction and maintenance, ensuring precise grading and leveling.
- *Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders*: These compact machines are used in construction and landscaping.
- *Backhoe Loaders*: Komatsu's backhoe loaders are versatile machines for digging, trenching, and loader work.
- *Compact Excavators*: Komatsu offers compact excavators for tight spaces and urban construction.
- *Dump Trucks*: Komatsu produces articulated dump trucks used in construction and mining applications.

2. •Mining Equipment•
- *Mining Excavators*: Komatsu's large mining excavators are designed for high-capacity mining operations.
- *Mining Trucks*: The company manufactures a range of mining trucks, including ultra-class models for hauling overburden and ore.
- *Blasthole Drills*: Komatsu produces surface drilling rigs for mining and quarry applications.
- *Dozers and Wheel Loaders*: These machines are adapted for mining tasks, such as overburden removal.
- *Underground Equipment*: Komatsu manufactures equipment for underground mining, including loaders and dump trucks.

3. •Forestry Equipment•
- *Forwarders*: Komatsu forwarders are used for transporting felled trees from the forest to the landing.
- *Harvesters*: These machines are designed for the harvesting of timber and are equipped with a cutting head.
- *Feller Bunchers*: Komatsu produces feller bunchers for cutting and gathering trees in forestry applications.

4. •Road and Utility Machinery•
- *Pavers*: Komatsu offers asphalt pavers for road construction and repair.
- *Cold Planners*: Cold planners are used for milling and removing asphalt and concrete surfaces.
- *Soil Stabilizers/Recyclers*: These machines are used for soil stabilization and pavement recycling.

5. •Forklifts•
- Komatsu manufactures a wide range of forklifts for material handling and warehousing applications.

6. •Other Equipment•
- Komatsu also produces specialized equipment for industries such as waste handling, industrial equipment, and more.

Komatsu is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability. The company continually develops and enhances its machines to meet the evolving needs of its customers and to reduce the environmental impact of its equipment.