Inspection Prices

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Risk with used equipment

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Not all suppliers are focused to make the customer happy. Often machines have just little problems. But sometimes units have bigger issues. Traders of used machines are sometimes a bit tricky. Paint and filler touch-up intends to bribe your eye. Sometimes we see strange things. A while ago we have inspected CAT motor graders. These 140H's had a ripper assembled, but it was no ripper hydraulic available to use the rippers. On another place we found wheel loaders with empty front axles. In some cases we find machines with manipulated hour meters. Recently we have inspected Volvo A40 trucks with 9.000 hours on meter, but with 19.000 hours on internal memory (Matris).

Average Inspection Prices

Prices for inspections depend on various parameters. How big is the machine and how much time will the inspector need on site? What is the travel distance? Can we combine the inspection with other jobs? It is not easy to give a general answer. But usually the price for a single machine inspections is round about 600 to 700 Euro. Just in some cases with large travel distance the cost might be higher. Crane inspections start from 900 Euro. If you send us all machine and supplier details we respond within a few hours with a qoutation.

How to pay for inspection

Please visit our how-does-it-work page to see how you can pay and how the inspection process can be set-up. We accept OUR-payment to our German account, Paypal, Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard) and in some cases even Western Union.

How to order an inspection?

We have prepared a specific page for you with info how to order a MEVAS machine or truck inspection. But we always recommend giving us a call at +49 35206 39150 to discuss your needs and what you would expect.

Used Equipment Inspections by Mevas