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Volvo CE Used Equipment Expertise

Mevas is specialized in condition inspections for used machinery such as articulated trucks, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators and pavers. We own the specific tools and computers to make profund 3rd party inspections for used Volvo Construction Equipment.

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We have inspected so far Tracked Excvavators EC 160, EC210, EC240, EC360, EC460, EC600  various smaller excavators and some long reach and demolition excavators.

Our engineers have experience with Wheel Loader L60, L70, L90, L110, L120, L150, L180, L220, L330 and several smaller loaders. Video about Volvo Wheel Loader inspection.

We inspect Mobile Excavators EW140, EW160, EW180, EW200, EW210

An uncounted number of Volvo Dump Trucks A25, A30, A35 and A40 from series B, C, D, E and F have been inspected over the last couple of years.

We are enabled to access Volvo ECM's for Matris!. A sample of a Volvo-Matris can be seen here.

Earthmoving Machines

Main service of MEVAS is condition inspection of used heavy construction machines and earthmovers such as excavators, whell loaders, bulldozers, motor graders and road construction machinery.

Specific Inspections

MEVAS is an independent, internationally operating Heavy Equipment inspection organization. We are specialized in technical condition inspections of articulated dump trucks, rigid dumpers, quarry and mining equipment, wheel loaders, bulldozers, compaction rollers, excavators, track type tractors, crawler loaders and motor graders. In most cases we can offer inspections of Volvo machinery including a Matris reading and additionally we know how to test the performance of Volvo machines.

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What kind of company is Volvo-CE and what type of machines does the company produce?

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is a subsidiary of the Swedish multinational manufacturing company, the Volvo Group. Volvo CE is a leading global manufacturer of construction equipment and machinery used in various industries, including construction, mining, and infrastructure development. The company is known for producing a wide range of heavy equipment designed for various tasks. Here's an overview of Volvo CE and the types of machines it produces:

•Company Overview•
- •Parent Company• Volvo CE is part of the larger Volvo Group, which encompasses various divisions related to transportation, construction, and industrial equipment.

•Types of Machines Produced by Volvo CE•

1. •Excavators•
- *Crawler Excavators*: These are heavy-duty excavators designed for digging and earthmoving in challenging terrains.
- *Wheeled Excavators*: Wheeled excavators are versatile machines with rubber tires, suitable for a wide range of applications.
- *Compact Excavators*: Compact excavators are smaller and more maneuverable machines used for construction, landscaping, and utility work.

2. •Wheel Loaders•
- Volvo CE produces a range of wheel loaders for material handling, loading, and general construction purposes. These loaders come in various sizes to accommodate different capacities.

3. •Articulated Haulers•
- Volvo's articulated haulers are off-road dump trucks designed for heavy-duty material transport, particularly in mining and construction settings.

4. •Motor Graders•
- Motor graders are used for road construction and maintenance. Volvo CE's motor graders offer precision grading and leveling capabilities.

5. •Compactors•
- Volvo produces both soil compactors and asphalt compactors used in road construction, compaction of soils, and other compaction tasks.

6. •Pavers•
- Volvo pavers are used in road construction to lay asphalt or other paving materials, ensuring smooth and even surfaces.

7. •Asphalt Rollers•
- These machines are used for compacting asphalt surfaces in road construction projects.

8. •Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders•
- Volvo CE offers skid steer loaders and compact track loaders for versatile material handling and construction tasks.

9. •Pipelayers•
- Pipelayers are used in pipeline construction to handle and position pipes with precision.

10. •Forestry Equipment•
- Volvo CE manufactures forestry equipment, including wheel harvesters and forwarders, for timber harvesting and logging operations.

11. •Demolition Equipment•
- Volvo offers specialized demolition equipment, such as demolition excavators and high-reach excavators, for the selective dismantling of structures.

12. •Road Planers•
- Road planers are used for milling and removing asphalt and concrete surfaces in road construction and maintenance.

13. •Waste Handling Equipment•
- Volvo produces equipment designed for waste handling, such as wheel loaders with special attachments for waste management tasks.

Volvo CE is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability in construction equipment. Their machines often incorporate advanced technologies and features designed to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve operator comfort and safety.

These machines are used in various industries and applications, such as building construction, road infrastructure development, mining operations, forestry and logging, agriculture, and more. Volvo CE's equipment is recognized for its quality, performance, and reliability, making it a prominent player in the global construction equipment market.

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