How to import a used excavator?

Check our list for safe used machine import

1) Search for used heavy machinery only on well known websites. Important is where in your country and how quick you can purchase spare parts and service for a second hand excavator.

 2) Ask supplier for true information about machine condition. Ask supplier which repairs are required. Ask for transport cost to next port.

 3) Send a friend or an independent inspector to check the machine condition.

 4) Ask seller if he can provide all required customs documents.

5) Check with the dealer all options for shipping such as RoRo or containerizing of machinery.

Freight Insurance

6) Talk with the skipper about the freight insurance. It would not be the first time a vessel gets into stormy weather and your machine arrives filled up with salty water and is useless.

7) Contact the local authorities in your contry if machine import is allowed. In some places it has restrictions for import of second hand equipment.

8) Payment with Letter of Credit For paying something by L/C several preconditions exist. Contact your bank or leasing company which documents are necessary to receive L/C. Several freight documents will be required. In many cases the bank will insist in a third party independent inspection.

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