About Mevas Germany

Equipment Inspections since 2006

Mevas was founded in 2006 to offer an independent inspection service for used heavy equipment. In more than 15 yars of service we have inspected approximately more than 11.000 used machines, cranes and trucks.

An independent third party

The basics of our policy is to be absolutely independent from equipment traders. MEVAS and all contracted equipment inspectors are not involved in machinery trading activities. We do not receive commissions and we do not raise expertise in someones favour, in fact we pride ourselves in giving a totally unbiased appraisal of all equipment we inspect. We inspect machines and we consult contractors. Nothing else.

We understand our customers

MD Wolfgang Bühn has work-life long experience with construction equipment. Having grown up in East Germany he learned operating and repair of heavy equipment from the basics. Later he worked with Strabag and in 1992 he started his career with the German Caterpillar dealer Zeppelin Baumaschinen. Going through different responsibilities he became in 1997 Sales Manager for Used Equipment. From 2002 his duties included the responsibility for Zeppelin's international Used Equipment business. In 2006 the idea was born to offer for dealer and users of construction equipment an independent service of machine condition inspections. The first order we got from Finning Canada to inspect sixteen Caterpillar 773D trucks in an South African Goldfield.

Many customers from around the world trust in our servies. In an average year we inspect approximately 800 used machines, trucks and cranes.

A shut mouth catches no flies

An important thing is: We keep our customer relations and inspection results confidential. A finished inspection report is going exclusively to the attention of the client. We do neither discuss machines we have inspected somewhere to somebody else nor do we talk about other machines we have seen.


MEVAS is based in Germany. As this is for many people a sign of reliability and punctuality. We do our best to confirm this stereotype. Our intention is to set the standards for independent used equipment inspections in Europe. Our contracted inspectors and technicians are located in several countries in Europe. It means we are often not too far from the equipment to be inspected. In the USA we cooperate with the inspection company Honestinspections.

Mevas local offices

MEVAS is a German company. However, we have local inspection offices in the United Kingdom - also active in Ireland, we have an office in Spain. With Adam we have a local inspector in Poland, covering also the Baltic States. Andras covers Hungary and Romania. We have a cooperation office in Australia, we cooperate with Honestinspections in the USA and we have with Hans a local inspector in the Netherlands. Last but not least we have a local inspector in France. For info about all countries where we can offer heavy machinery inspections please visit our coverage page.

Guarantee given?

Is there a kind of warranty for our used equipment inspections? It can't be. We only see a present situation. Machines are often parked in a dealers yard, cleaned and in confined area. We recognize only a small part of the history of a machine. But with our experience in equipment over many years and with the knowledge of technical basics and details we believe we are able to find most problems on a used machine. We are doing nothing else every day other than inspecting heavy equipment.

Used Construction Machines