Forestry Equipment Inspections

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Independent Inspections for Harvester, Forwarder, Skidder and Log Loader

MEVAS has a network of engineers available for inspection and appraisal of heavy machinery in most European countries. We can inspect used forestal equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia Sweden, Norway. A map with more info you can find on our network page.

Forestry Machines

Before you purchase a used harvester, skidder or forwarder it should be inspected by a third party. MEVAS is a German heavy equipment inspection company. With our network of qualified local inspectors we appraise used heavy equipment such as excavators, forestry harvesters, skidders, log loaders and forwarders or wood crushing plants in many countries.

MEVAS is not buying or selling any forestal equipment. We do inspections, nothing else. So far we have experience with harvesting and forwarding machines from Timberjack, Valmet, Caterpillar and Ponsse Ergo.


Wood Recycling Machinery

Purchasing a wood recycling machine such as a wood crusher or a screening machine or a used rotomould is very risky - even if you send your own technician. These machines can have many hidden problems. We are looking back to at least 60 inspected crushers and screens of many brands such as Pegson, Terex, Gipo, Finlay, Fintec, Sandvik, Broder, Doppstadt and some other brands.

Which types of forestry machines are known and for what purpose are those used?

Forestry machines are specialized heavy equipment designed for various tasks related to the management and harvesting of forests. They play a crucial role in the forestry industry, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Here are some common types of forestry machines and their purposes:

1. •Harvesters•
•Feller Bunchers• Feller bunchers are used to cut down trees and gather them into bunches. They typically have a cutting head equipped with a chainsaw or a cutting disk.
•Harvesting Processors• These machines are a combination of feller bunchers and delimbers. They can cut and process trees into desired lengths and remove branches.
•Whole Tree Harvesters• Whole tree harvesters cut down entire trees, including the stems and branches, for use in pulp and paper production, wood chips, or other applications.

2. •Forwarders• Forwarders are designed to transport harvested trees from the cutting site to a central collection point or roadside. They are equipped with a loading crane and a bunk or trailer for efficient log transport.

3. •Skidders•
•Cable Skidders• Cable skidders use a winch and cable system to drag felled trees to a collection point. They are suitable for steep or rough terrain.
•Grapple Skidders• Grapple skidders use hydraulic grapples to pick up and drag logs to the desired location. They are commonly used on flat or gentle slopes.

4. •Log Loaders• Log loaders are used for loading logs onto trucks or other transport vehicles. They often have a hydraulic grapple or clamshell bucket for handling logs.

5. •Chippers• Chippers are machines that process tree branches, tops, and other woody debris into wood chips or biomass for use in paper production, bioenergy, or mulch.

6. •Debarkers• Debarkers remove the bark from logs, making them suitable for further processing, such as sawing or veneer production.

7. •Mulchers• Mulchers are used for land clearing and vegetation management. They grind trees, shrubs, and underbrush into small pieces, making it easier to prepare the land for construction or reforestation.

8. •Cranes and Yarders• These machines are used for loading logs onto trucks and for lifting logs in steep or challenging terrain. Yarders are especially useful for logging in mountainous or remote areas.

9. •Forestry Excavators• Forestry excavators are equipped with special attachments, such as grapples and saws, for tasks like tree removal, land clearing, and delimbing.

10. •Firefighting Machines• Some forestry machines are equipped with firefighting equipment, like water tanks and hoses, for use in wildfire suppression and control.

11. •Mulching Tractors• These tractors are used in land clearing and vegetation management, equipped with mulching heads that can shred trees and undergrowth.

12. •Tree Planters• Tree planters are used for reforestation efforts. They are designed to plant seedlings efficiently and at precise intervals.

13. •Shears and Processor Heads• These attachments can be used on various types of forestry machines, including excavators and forwarders, for processing trees and cutting them into desired lengths.

Forestry machines are essential for sustainable forest management, timber harvesting, and the efficient utilization of wood resources. The choice of machine depends on the specific task, terrain, and environmental considerations. Proper use of these machines helps maintain forest health and minimize environmental impact.

Forestry Machine Inspection