Caterpillar Machinery Inspections

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We are specialized in CAT Equipment

Basically we can inspect the condition of any machine or truck with a combustion engine and a hydraulic system. Over the years of doing inspections we have qualified to some areas. We are specialized in CAT® Heavy Equipment.

Inspector Network in Europe

Mevas has an international network of equipment inspectors available. Right now we can offer Caterpillar machine inspections for used tractors, bulldozers, excavators, articulated trucks in many countries. We can inspect all kind of CAT-equipment in Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland, England, Wales, Scottland, Poland, Slovakia and other countries.

Caterpillar Used Equipment Inspectors at work

TA-2 level inspections

With our well trained technicians we can offer inspection service for CAT-equipment almost on level of a TA-2. Since we do not the same work as a Caterpillar mechanic and because we think not all values are required for such used machine inspection we call our level of inspection a TA1-Plus or rather a Mevas-Inspection. And to be honest, our service is far cheaper than the CAT dealer would do it.

Caterpillar Inspection Experience

Since Mevas is specialized in CAT equipment we can offer specific support for Caterpiller machines. Mevas engineers are able to measure the remaining life of bulldozer undercarriages. Most technicians have an CAT-Electronic Technician to access the machine ECM for reading the machine history. Mevas inspections are above the Caterpillar TA1 level inspections. On request we can provide a Product Status Report, the PSR.

So far we have inspected these types of CAT machines:

Tracked Excvavators 215D 219D 225D 229D 231D 235D 245B 245FS 307 312 315 318B 320BL 322B LN 324D 325BLN 330BLN 330D 345BL 350LN 365B 375L 385C 5080 336D 336F 345D 365D 320C 326D 336E and many more.

Wheel Loader 906 908 910F 914G 916 918F 924G 928G 930 936F 938F 938G 950F 950FII 950G 962G 966F 966G 966H 970F 972G 972H 980F 980G 980H 988F 988G 988H 990 992G 994 966M 972M 988M XE

Mobile Excavators M312 M313 M315 M316 M318 M320 M322  M325MH M320MH MH3024 MH3040

Dump Trucks D250 D350E D300E D400 725 730 735 740

Rigid trucks 769D 769C 771D 773B 775B 777C 777E 777F 775E 775F 773F 775G 777G

Compactors and Rollers 815F 825G 816F CS563, CS573, CP563, CP573

Backhoe loaders 428E 438 432D 432E 432F 442D 442E

Bulldozers D3C D4C D4H D5C D5NXL D5H D5MXL D6MXL D6H D6RXL D6RLGP D7R D8N D8R D9R D10R D11R D6T D8T D9T D10T D11T

Track Loader 933 943 953B 953C 953D 963B 963D 973B

Motor Grader 12H 14H 16H 24H 120M 140H 140M 160H 160M 163H 12G 14G 12M 120M 14M 140M 16M

Video about Motor-Grader inspection