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Independent inspections for used trucks

MEVAS has a network of engineers available for inspection and appraisal of concrete pumps, trucks and tractor heads in most European countries. We can inspect used pumps and trucks in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia Sweden, Norway. A map with more info you can find on our network page.

Get an inspection report before you pay!

If you are going to purchase used road trucks, articulated haulers or a quarry truck  there is always a risk. These machines are working in rough conditions often and transport work is not an easy job. Small repairs such as worn brakes, bad tires or a broken fender can sum up to several hundred Euros. But if the engine or transmission is worn the repairs can easily extend to some thousand Euro. Therefore we recommend strongly an unbiased and independent inspection on used trucks and trailers. A 3rd party inspection by Mevas costs less than you could lose.

Road trucks and Concrete Pumps

MEVAS is performing inspections on used concrete pumps, road trucks and mixer trucks of various brands. So far we have done pre-delivery inspections on units of Schwing, Stetter, Liebherr, Sanny, Putzmeister and some others, mounted on Mercedes, Scania and MAN trucks. The last couple of years we have inspected more than 200 road trucks, maybe 40 concrete pumps and more than 150 ready-mix trucks. We helped our customers to select the best trucks for the import.

I want to buy a used truck. What do I have to pay attention to and what are the dangers of vehicles with an unknown history?

When buying a used truck, it's essential to be thorough and vigilant to avoid potential risks associated with vehicles that have an unknown history. Here are some key factors to pay attention to and the potential dangers of purchasing a truck with an unclear or suspicious history:

•What to Pay Attention To:•

1. •Budget and Financing• Determine your budget and how you plan to finance the purchase. Knowing your financial limits can help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.

2. •Type and Purpose• Consider the type of truck you need and its intended use. Different trucks are designed for various purposes, such as hauling goods, construction, towing, or off-road applications.

3. •Research• Conduct thorough research on the make and model of the truck you're interested in. Look for information about common issues, reliability, and the availability of replacement parts.

4. •Mileage• Examine the truck's mileage to get an idea of its usage. Generally, lower mileage is better, but it's essential to consider the type of use and maintenance.

5. •Service Records• If possible, request service and maintenance records. A well-documented history can indicate how well the truck has been maintained.

6. •Vehicle History Report• Obtain a vehicle history report using the truck's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Services like Carfax or AutoCheck can provide information about accidents, title issues, and odometer readings.

7. •Inspection• Have the truck inspected by a qualified mechanic. They can identify hidden issues or maintenance needs that may not be evident during a visual inspection.

8. •Test Drive• Take the truck for a test drive to assess its handling, performance, and comfort. Listen for unusual noises and pay attention to how it drives.

9. •Title and Ownership• Verify the truck's title and ownership history to ensure it's clear and there are no liens or legal issues.

10. •Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check• Compare the VIN on the truck to the VIN on the title and records to ensure they match.

•Dangers of Vehicles with an Unknown History:•

1. •Hidden Damage• A truck with an unknown history may have undisclosed damage from accidents or neglect, which can lead to costly repairs.

2. •Maintenance Issues• Without maintenance records, you may be unaware of whether the truck received regular servicing or had significant mechanical problems.

3. •Title Problems• A vehicle with an unclear title history may have hidden legal issues or be stolen, potentially leading to ownership disputes.

4. •Odometer Fraud• Trucks with unknown histories may be at risk of odometer tampering, leading to incorrect mileage readings.

5. •Safety Concerns• Without a complete history, you may not know if the truck has been involved in safety recalls or if crucial safety components have been addressed.

6. •Resale Value• A truck with an unknown history may have a lower resale value and could be challenging to sell in the future.

To minimize the risks associated with a truck of unknown history, consider purchasing from reputable dealerships or private sellers who can provide detailed records and transparent information about the vehicle. If you decide to buy from a private seller, proceed with caution, and take the time to thoroughly inspect the truck and verify its history. Remember that a detailed inspection and vehicle history report are your best tools for uncovering potential issues and making an informed purchase decision.