Caterpillar PSR

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What is a PSR or an ECM?

Many recent machines of different brands have internal machine computers. With Caterpillar® it is called ECM, an Electronic Control Module. These ECM's are available for engine, transmission, machine control and the so called Product Link. The ECM's control the electronics and store information about mileage, idle time, module temperatures, RPM and many more details. In some machines the ECM is also called ECU.

Lifetime equipment history

How can it help to learn something about machine condition? If a technician with the appropriate computer and software connects with the machine controller he can read many information about the lifetime history. This information can be safed and distributed in a so-called Product Status Report, the PSR. For machinery inspections most o f the MEVAS engineers can access the ECM or ECU with the Caterpillar Electronic Technician as described above. A PSR will be stored with the CAT-ET as a PDF file and will be provided together with the inspection report. This way our customers get detailed information if hours on meter are correct, if machine was overheated at any time and if there are service events logged and waiting for repair.

Other service for Caterpillar Used Equipment

MEVAS is specialized in CAT equipment. We know how to measure Caterpillar undercarriages and can offer also training for undercarriage measurement. We know how to test the performance of equipment such as large bulldozers, tracked loaders, excavators and machines on wheels. We can offer TA1 level inspections but also equipment inspections in a level between TA1 and TA2. And our service is offered for far better prices than a CAT dealer can do.

Caterpillar Trade Mark

Some of the above mentioned product names and the name CAT are registered trade marks of Caterpillar Inc.®. Here only used to explain our services in relation with CAT equipment.

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