Undercarriage Measurement

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Track measurement for CAT machines

To get an info about real condition of chains, rollers, idlers and sprockets of a Caterpillar undercarriage it is better to measure it instead of just estimating the remaining life. Most MEVAS inspectors are trained to perform the measurement according to the guidance of CAT. Our engineers carry the required tools to measure all components. This enables us to give our customers a qualified info about remaining life.

Measurement Tools

Undercarriage value and valuation

The value of a Caterpillar D8T undercarriage is approximately 25.000 Euro. If the estimation of remaining life is 30% wrong the buyer can lose 7.500 Euro with a single tractor. What we also find often is a wrong track roller sequence. XL-machines are usually equipped with single and double flange rollers. Inexperienced fitters sometimes replace rollers in the wrong sequence. We even found tractors with only singe flange rollers. Click here for a video about undercarriage measurement.

Caterpillar Undercarriage

Equalizer bar

Also often overseen is the play in the so called equalizer bar. This is the link between the two track frames, allowing the frames to oscillate over soil corrugations. If the bearings in the bar are worn i.e. with a CAT D6R and need to be changed it will cost a fortune. Estimated cost is above 6.000 Euro as both track frames must be removed.

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Undercarriage Components

The illustration below shows detailed components of an undercarriage. A click onto the picture will enlarge it.

Undercarriage Components of CAT bulldozer

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