Caterpillar TA-1 and TA-2 Inspections

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What is a TA1 and a TA2 inspection?

The TA-1 is a visual inspection of equipment and a limited tool to evaluate the necessary repairs and condition of a used machine.

For a TA-2 report several special tools are required. It is time consuming and costly. For larger machines it may sum up to 4.500$. Hydraulic pressures will be measured and engine blow-by is tested. A TA-2 is reasonable to verify if a machine is worth for a complete overhaul of all components, a so-called CAT-Rebuild.

Does it pay off to order a TA-2?

Even if the investment appears reasonable a few things should be considered. For instance, if an articulated truck gets a TA-2 inspection the customer will receive information such as Hoist Pilot Pressure, Steering System Standby Pressure, Release Pressure for Parking Brake and so on.

Is there a smarter solution?

Mevas decided to level inspections somewhere between a TA-1 and TA-2 report. We have capabilities and tools to measure pressures but we just do it if we see a problem with the hydraulic system. We can measure the blow-by amount. But as mentioned, it just makes sense if you have a reference value. Additionally we have equipped most of our engineers with a CAT-Electronic-Technician. It enables us to read the internal machine computer, the so called ECM and to read the pressures from machine sensors. It gives us info about machine history and possibly abuse. More info about machine testing is available on our knowledge pages.

So if you want a deep technical inspection ask us for a TA1-Plus. We would include cycle times for machine operation. Comparing those values to the CAT-SIS may help understanding machine performance.

Oil Sampling (SOS Analysis)

Another question is wheter we could take SOS-samples (scheduled oil samples). Yes, we can do it. But this makes often no sense with Used Equipment. Only if the oil samples are taken regularly and you can see a tendency it will give information about remaining component life. When the oil has been in use many hours above the schedule or when it has been renewed recently the the oil analysis is not giving sufficient information.

On request we take oil samples and sent them to analysis. We use the German CAT-dealer lab of Zeppelin for oil investigation. Usually we charge approximately 120 Euro per oil.

Specialized in CAT Used Equipment

MEVAS s spezialized in inspections of used machines of different brands. More details are given below. But mainly we focus on Caterpillar equipment due our experience and the machine population. We have the knowledge to measure the remaining life of Caterpillar undercarriages. We have electronic gear to read the machine ECU and create a PSR.

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