Used Machinery Inspections

A safe way to buy heavy equipment

We offer Global Machinery Inspection services for a fair price. Contact Mevas for machinery inspections. We inspect trucks, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and all other heavy equipment. We are not selling or buying equipment!

طريقة آمنة لشراء المعدات الثقيلة

نحن نقدم التفتيش المستقل للآلات الثقيلة

التفتيش للرافعات، الشاحنات، حفارات، لوادر ذات عجلات

نحن مفتشون الآلات المهنية

Construction machines, cranes and trucks

Don't pay good money for bad machines. Receive an inspection report before you buy a used equipment. A MEVAS-inspection costs less than a damaged hydraulic cylinder. We inspect since 2006 and we are not trading with any equipment.

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Send us your inspection inquiry by Whatsapp. You can also call our office for details about service and prices.

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