Heavy Equipment Inspections

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General Info about inspection

The inspection of a machine or a truck follows a standardized procedure.

The inspector takes basic machine info, then he starts machine for warm-up. While warming up the systems he examines the condition of operator cabin and the exterior. This is followed by a check up for fluid leaks. The engine will be approved and blow by estimated. When machine is warmed up a functional test will be performed. Our inspectors are able to operate all earthmoving machines.

All reports come with 30-50 pictures. On request we can do a video for a small additional fee. Do you want to see a video about machine inspection checklist?

Wheel Loader

Additionally to above standard procedure we will check carefully the remaining life and condition of tires. A so called Stall-Test will be performed. Click here for a sample report (PDF)


Special attention will be paid to structure and undercarriage condition. Click here for a sample report (PDF). Special reports are available for large mining excavators.

Articulated Hauler

Critical points on articulated dump trucks are the articulation, the axle hinges and the transmission condition. A so called Stall test will be performed. Click here for a sample report (PDF).

Caterpillar Equipment

Additionally to above mentioned details we can provide in many areas the so called PSR for CAT equipment. We have access to the internal machine memory (ECM) and can store a report of machine history. Click here to see a PDF example.

Volvo Equipment

In Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands we can provide a Volvo-Matris. This is a report about machine component history. Click here to see a PDF example of Matris.


Crane reports are more detailed. In addition the crane inspector does a check-up for Crane Safety related documents. LNB will be tested and swing bearing play measured. Please note: Due safety requirements for cranes we will need an operator from supplier to move the crane for our inspector. Click here to see a PDF sample report.

For additional samples please visit our machine-checklist-page

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