Inspection Videos

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Some short video about inspection

On this page you can find links to some video on our Youtube Channel.

Tracked Excavator Inspection

On this video the procedure of inspection for a used excavator is shown. What is important? Which components are checked? How good is the undercarriage? What kind of checklist do we use?

Shredder Operational Test

During an inspection we have done a test run of an Doppstadt Shredder. Drive operation and garbage shredding test.

Caterpillar RM500

CAT RM500 milling machine. If an engineer is alone on site it is good having a camera with a magnet. This way the engineer can fit the camera to a part and test the play in bearings. Especially the rotor mandrell repair is expensive if the bearing is worn.

CAT 990 wheel loader

We like big iron such as the Caterpillar 990 wheel loader. When inspecting such machine we do oil sampling, operational test, tire measurement for remaining life and of course many photos.

Articulated Dump Truck

During inspection of a Volvo Dump Truck the engineer takes a video to recognize play in bearings, pins & bushings. A camera with a magnetic base is very useful for such task. It helps estimating remaining life on axle bearings, articulation point, tipper pins and in universal joints.

Mobile Excavator Inspection

Used mobile excavators have also a specific inspection checklist. See important components of a material handling excavator. Test for play in swing bearing, boom and stick pins and hydraulic functions.

Volvo Inspection with Matris

During Volvo wheel loader inspection we do a Matris reading, brake test and all other standard procedures.

Caterpillar Scraper

During the last three years we have inspected more than 25 wheel tractor scrapers in Germany, France, the Netherlands and UK. The smalles unit was a CAT 613 and the biggest one a double engine scraper CAT 657B.

Motor-Grader Test

Did you ever take place or operate in a motor grader? Amazing how many levers the machine has. Grader operators must be genious to get the right handle all time.

Backhoe Loader

Quite often we inspect backhoe loaders of CAT, JCB or Komatsu for our customers. See what is important on these inspections.