Heavy Equipment Inspections

International network of engineers

Mevas is based in Germany. However, we have an international network of technicians which are trained for used equipment inspections. Our pre-delivery inspections help selecting the good machines and reduce significantly the risk when buying equipment abroad. Our engineers can operate most of the machines and are specially trained for various kind of equipment. Our Inspector-Network

What can we inspect?

Our core business is inspection of used earthmovers such as excavators, wheel loaders, motor-graders, dump trucks and tracked loaders. We have professionals for inspection of road building machinery like pavers asphalt, rollers, and cold planners. Other inspectors are trained for examination of lifting equipment and can be sent to inspect cranes, forklift trucks, reach stackers and material handling machines. More Details

A real 3rd party

Our team is not at all involved in the trading with used machines and equipment. We do not depend on commissions. Our inspectors do only inspections and machine repair. All information about inspected machines remain confident. We are an independent inspection company.


Mevas engineers are specially trained in used machine inspections. We look back to more than 12 years of successful inspection service. Mevas inspects more than 800 machines, cranes and trucks each year. Most of our technicians have been working as engineers for a major brand such as Caterpillar or Komatsu. Among our valued customers are major heavy equipment suppliers from around the globe. Details

Inspection report

After inspection, you would receive all related pictures and the inspection checklist. For some machines you will additionally get info about service and machine history. On request we can make machine video. Our inspection reports help understanding machine condition and required repairs. See some Sample Reports

Where can we inspect?

Mevas technicians are available in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Spain, within the United Kindom, in Finland and in Russia. To other countries such as Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia & Austria we have easy access. However, of course our team can travel to other places.

How much does it cost?

The Mevas inspection report helps understanding the machine condition and gives info about required repairs. At the end you will pay less than you could lose with a bad machine. For an exact offer we need to know the machine details and location. More...


Mevas is and independent inspection company. All information gained about equipment, suppliers and customer relation will be kept strictly confidential. We only share machine information with the person that orders an inspection. We do not trade with heavy equipment and we don't take commissions from anyone. More info...

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Inspectors wanted

We are looking for independent technicians to expand our network. read more...

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