Drilling Rig Inspections

Examination of Drill Rigs and Piling Machines

Drilling Rigs and Piling Machines are very complex and have very different features. For purchasing a machine it is not only necessary to find the machine for the right price. It is also essentially to find a machine with a reasonable condition. Not many engineers are qualified to look at the technical condition. Most engineers with drilling and piling machinery experience are more than busy. Why not asking Mevas for an inspection?

Inspection report for used civil-engineering machinery

Most people from normal machinery business do not understand civil-engineering machines. They do neither know what a kelly bar is nor do they know what a casing oscillator is or what a crowd cylinder is for. That is normal as most standard construction machinery is simpler than a drill rig or a piling machine. We do also know about trenching machines, side wall cutters and plastic concrete equipment.

Contact Mevas if you need inspection for a used Bauer, Casagrande, PMV, Soilmec, Junttan, Delmag, Banut, Menck, Liebherr, Sennebogen or ABI.

Inspection Reports for Civil-Engineering Equipment

We offer inspection for used civil-engineering equipment ans special heavy machinery such as pile drivers, drill rigs, desanding machines, vibrators, vibration hammers and leaders, diesel impact hammers, telescopic leaders, RTG equipment, grab systems, duty-cycle cranes and diaphragm wall grabs.
Our inspection reports are in English language. In case of interest check out our inspection checklist for drill rigs. The original inspection comes with 100 photos and a video. Also a sample report for a pile driver is available. The latest inspection form is more sophisticated than the visible sample.
Drill Rig Inspection