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Independent Inspection for Used Crushers

With a network of qualified inspectors in Europe, USA and the U.A.E. we inspect used recycling and quarry equipment such as impact crushers, jaw crushers or cone crushers. We have experience with recycling machinery of different brands such as Kleemann, Brown Lenox, Finlay, OM, Terex, Pegson, Thesab, Hartl, Gipo and other brands. 

3rd party Processing Plant Inspections

Used quarry and mining plant is often in a rough condition. The work in rock is a tough job and causing vibrations and machine are shaken like hell. Most screens or crushers are very versatile but of course the life in a quarry or on demolition jobs is causing extended wear. A third party inspection by specialized engineers can help you selecting good equipment.

Appraisal and Inspection Recycling Plant

Purchasing a processing machine such as a rock crusher or a screening machine is very risky - even if you send your own technician. Crushers and screens can have many hidden problems. We are looking back to at least 60 inspected crushers of many brands such as Pegson, Terex, Gipo, Finlay, Fintec, Sandvik and some other brands. Beside the inspection of rock-crushers and screening plant we perform also used machine inspections for quarry trucks, rock drills, compressors and excavators.

For a well-founded analysis of the condition it is necessary having the crusher or screen in work mode position. An operator is required to run the machine. Good to have a possibility to process some material. This way it is possible to check for vibrations, abnomal noises and performance.

Our experience can help you

MEVAS has a network of engineers available for inspection and appraisal of heavy machinery in most European countries. We can inspect used equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Norway. A map with more info you can find on our network page.

MEVAS is not buying or selling any equipment. We do inspections, nothing else.

What is a stone (rock) crusher and what is it used for?

A stone crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, sand, or dust. It is used for various purposes in the mining, construction, and recycling industries. Stone crushers operate by applying compressive force to break down the stone into smaller pieces. Here's an overview of what a stone crusher is and what it is used for:

•Components of a Stone Crusher:•
- •Feed Hopper• Stone is fed into the crusher through a feed hopper. The size and capacity of the hopper can vary depending on the machine's design and the size of the stones it's intended to crush.

- •Jaws or Plates• In most stone crushers, there are two jaws or plates, one fixed and the other movable. The movable jaw is driven by an eccentric shaft, allowing it to move back and forth. These jaws or plates apply pressure to the stone, breaking it down.

- •Crushing Chamber• The space between the two jaws is known as the crushing chamber. This is where the actual crushing of the stone occurs.

- •Drive Mechanism• The machine is powered by a motor, which drives the eccentric shaft. This creates the movement of the movable jaw, allowing it to crush the stone.

•Uses of Stone Crushers:•

1. •Aggregate Production• Stone crushers are commonly used in the mining and construction industries to produce aggregates. These aggregates are the essential materials for making concrete, asphalt, and road base. Stone crushers break down larger rocks into smaller sizes suitable for construction.

2. •Ore Processing• Stone crushers are used in the mining industry to crush and process various ores, such as gold, copper, iron, and other minerals. Crushing the ore is a critical step in the extraction and processing of valuable minerals.

3. •Rock Crushing• Stone crushers are employed in quarrying and rock mining operations to break down large pieces of rock into smaller, more manageable sizes. This is often necessary to extract valuable stones or minerals from the earth.

4. •Recycling• Stone crushers can also be used in recycling operations to crush concrete, asphalt, and other construction materials for reuse. Recycled aggregates are environmentally friendly and reduce the need for new resources.

5. •Land Improvement• Stone crushers are used for land improvement and reclamation projects, such as clearing land for agricultural use or managing land in construction sites.

6. •Forestry• Stone crushers are used to crush and mulch stumps, trees, and underbrush in forestry and land clearing applications.

7. •Industrial Applications• Stone crushers can also be used in various industrial processes, such as cement production, where raw materials need to be crushed before further processing.

Stone crushers come in various types, including jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, and gyratory crushers. The choice of crusher depends on the type of material being crushed and the desired end product. Stone crushers are essential equipment in many industries, contributing to the production of materials needed for infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing.

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