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When we have been in the port of Antwerp for inspection of several motor graders we came across this Bucyrus excavator. It was disassembled for transport. The bucket had a capacity of 6 m³.

Inspections in port of Antwerp

Russian Bulldozer

This is how it looks when life is over. Old Russian bulldozer T100, seen in Georgia near Tiflis in 2012. Most people do not remember: to start the engine it was necessary to start a little petrol motor. Then, with engaging a clutch the large 4-cylinder engine was started. However, at least the drive clutches were already hydraulic. The former S100 was even with mechanical clutches and the blade moved by a winch. Hard work for operators.

Bulldozer Undercarriage

Sometimes people do not know which is the correct english description for components of an undercarriage Therefore we have made a little guide. If there is interest in more details and info how to measure the remaining life of tracks please go to page undercarriage-measurement.

Quarry Loader 988H

The CAT 988H is a quarry wheel loader with almost 7m³ bucket volume. An Audi A4 fits almost in to the bucket. The mono-lift arm is impressive. If a set of new rock tires is required the user has to pay more than 50.000 Euro.

Trucks in Romania

In 2011 we have inspected in Romania a fleet of Caterpillar 777F trucks and some other gear. Next to the almost new mining truck is parked a scrappy old Roman truck which is a copy of an MAN road truck. There were 15 new CAT machines parked in this mine because they never got a license to dig for copper there.

Inspection of a CAT trucks in Romania

Astana, Kazakhstan, minus 25°C

Wolfgang was in 2015 in Astana to inspect this Junttan PM26 drill rig. It was terribly cold and walking for two hours around a machine to check all details is a hard job. But with help of the operator it was possible to test most of the functions.

Kalmar Wood Handler KTD12

Sometimes machines are really big. If the inspector makes a mistake he can easily destroy other machines. A Kalmar Log Handler is such a beast. And if you see the way experiened operators work in a factory with such a machine you know it is better to keep your distance.

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