Crane Inspection Belgium

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Quality Check for used cranes

MEVAS is an inspection service for quality and condition of used cranes and machines. Before a second hande crane is bought from an unknown supplier it makes sense sending an inspector. We provide a qualified service which is cheaper than you get it from big suppliers such as SGS-Belgium.

Mobile Cranes & Fork Lift Trucks

Most of our engineers are trained for mobile crane inspections. We can inspect rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, harbor cranes, tower cranes, lattice boom cranes, crawler cranes, reach stackers and fork lift trucks. In the last couple of years we have inspected many cranes of Liebherr, Terex, Tadano, Locatelli, Faun etc.

Price for a used crane inspection?

The price of a crane inspection in Belgium depends on the size of the crane, what crane it is and where exactly the crane is located. With the blue button you can send an inquiry for used crane inspection in Belgium or another contry.

Mevas has a new website for used crane inspections.

Used Crane Inspection Checklist

Every crane inspection is performed in a standardized manner. The inspector fills all required fields in our crane inspection checklist. This helps the buyer to understand the condition of each item. All crane inspections come with a set of 50-100 photos. Our inspectors do not fear to get dirty hands. They know where to look at and what is important on a used crane.

Used crane for sale?

We don't have any crane for sale. However, you can dind some links for used crane websites at Our inspectors are available for crane inspections in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Germany and 15 other countries.

Crane Inspection Belgium