Used Machines from Egypt

Heavy Machinery Inspections in Egypt

What do we inspect? The MEVAS engineer in Egypt inspects for you excavators, bulldozers, cranes, road construction machinery, trucks, wheel-loaders, motor graders and other heavy equipment. Our engineer is based in Egypt and knows the local suppliers.

How much does it cost? Exact pricing depends on machine size and location. If you send us the machine description, a link to machine offer or the location we will raise you a serious offer within some hours.

Does it pay off? In most cases it does. MEVAS engineers often find problems the seller did not mention. The inspection report enables you to negotiate repairs or a better price. In some cases we just protect the buyer to pay good money for a bad machine.

Used Excavator

Heavy Machinery Appraisal

Can you trust? Have a look to our customer reference page to see who trusts in MEVAS inspections. We have qualified staff for various kind of machines and we do not trade with equipment.

Is MEVAS qualified? Our engineer in the Egypt has years of experience in heavy equipment. He was approved by our management to fullfill the MEVAS inspection standards. Next to Egypt we can inspect machines in South-Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and the U.A.E.

تقديم خدمات التفتيش والتقييم الفنى للمعدات الحفارات والبلدوزرات واللوادر و جريدر و دكاكات تربه• الشاحنات ومضخات الخرسانة وشاحنات الخرسانه الجاهزة• رافعات و اوناش و جميع معدات المناولة• معدات تخريم ومعدات حفر الخوازيق ومعدات المحاجر• معدات المناجم و التعدين و مصانع الاسمنت و الكسارات• مفتشون محليون متواجدون في مصر والإمارات. ومنتشرون فى جميع أنحاء أوروبا و أمريكا و أفريفيا و آسيا و استراليا المكتـب الرئيسـى مقــرة فى ألمانيـــا +49 35206 39150 ممثـــل الشــركة فــى مصـــر "مسؤول الاتصال" محمـــد عـــزت صبــح - مفتش عمليـات مصــر موبايـــل :00201024913015 واتس اب:00201117128329  :البريد الالكترونى

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