Used Equipment Inspections Egypt

Equipment Check, Cargo Survey

A machine offered from Egypt but you don't know the seller? Machine is too far for you to inspect yourself? Send a specialized engineer to inspect it on your behalf for a fair price. It pays off. We inspect cranes, tractors, bulldozers, trucks, concrete pumps, wheel loaders. We can also help with inspection in Iran, UAE, Turkey and Israel.

We have a local engineer based in Cairo

The MEVAS engineer in Egypt inspects for you excavators, bulldozers, road construction machinery, cranes, trucks, rock drills, motor graders, concrete pumps and other heavy equipment.

Machinery inspections in Egypt

Expertise for Heavy Machinery

MEVAS is based in Germany but we have a local engineer in Cairo for machinery and crane inspections. (can also go to Port Said, Alexandria, Sinai, Suez and other cities). Mevas also has a UAE inspector in Dubai that can easily access machines in the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman.

In most cases it does. MEVAS engineers often find problems the seller did not mention. The inspection report enables you to negotiate repairs or a better price. In some cases we just protect the buyer to pay good money for a bad machine.

Our engineer in Egypt has years of experience in heavy equipment. He was approved by our management to fullfill the MEVAS inspection standards. 

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