Underground Mining Equipment

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Examination used machinery for underground mining

The Mevas team is used to inspect all kind of heavy machinery. That includes used underground mining equipment such as loaders, diggers, shovels, drills, feeders and forwarders. So no matter whether the machine we shall inspect is in an open pit, underground or in the workshop for maintenance. We are ready to go.

Inspection report for used tunelling and mining machinery

Most people from normal machinery business do not understand the underground machines. Most have never seen a boomer, a bolter, a bogger, a scooptram or an underground truck.

Contact Mevas if you need inspection for a used Sandvik, Atlas-Copco, Epiroc, Elphinstone, Caterpillar, Toro or Wagner machine.

We will check as well all components as per your specified instructions. That means we can check the special attachments, the fire protection and the explosion protection of a machine next to the technical condition of all related machine groups.

Inspection Reports for Underground Equipment

We offer inspection for used underground equipment and special heavy machinery.
Our inspection checklists are in English language. In case of interest check out our inspection checklist for drill rigs. The original inspection comes with 100 photos and a video. Also a sample report for a pile driver is available. The latest inspection form is more sophisticated than the visible sample.

What types of underground mining machines are known and what are they used for?

Underground mining machines are specialized equipment designed for various tasks in underground mining operations. These machines are essential for extracting valuable minerals and ores from beneath the Earth's surface. Here are some common types of underground mining machines and their purposes:

1. •Continuous Miners•
- *Purpose*: Continuous miners are used to cut and extract coal, as well as other soft minerals, from underground seams. They work by using rotating cutting heads to shear coal from the coalface.

2. •Longwall Shearers•
- *Purpose*: Longwall shearers are used in longwall mining, a highly productive method for coal extraction. These machines cut coal from the longwall face and load it onto a conveyor for removal.

3. •Scooptrams and Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) Machines•
- *Purpose*: Scooptrams and LHD machines are used for material handling, including the transport of ore, waste rock, and other materials in underground mining operations.

4. •Shuttle Cars•
- *Purpose*: Shuttle cars are used to transport coal or ore from the continuous miner or longwall face to a conveyor belt or loading point for transport to the surface.

5. •Rock Drills and Bolters•
- *Purpose*: These machines are used to drill holes for the placement of explosives during blasting operations or for the installation of roof support bolts to prevent collapses.

6. •Roof Bolters•
- *Purpose*: Roof bolters are used to install roof support systems in underground mines, ensuring the safety of miners by stabilizing the roof and preventing collapses.

7. •Man Transporters•
- *Purpose*: Man transporters, such as personnel carriers or mantrips, are used to transport miners and workers to and from the underground mining work areas.

8. •Raise Boring Machines•
- *Purpose*: Raise boring machines are used to create vertical or inclined openings, or "raises," within an underground mine for ventilation, escape routes, or ore and waste handling.

9. •Underground Trucks•
- *Purpose*: Underground trucks are designed for the transportation of materials in underground mines, including ore, waste rock, and equipment.

10. •Scalers•
- *Purpose*: Scalers are used to remove loose rock, debris, and potentially dangerous material from the mine roof and walls to reduce the risk of rockfalls or collapses.

11. •Utility Vehicles•
- *Purpose*: Utility vehicles serve various functions in underground mining operations, such as maintenance, equipment transport, and general support.

12. •Water Jetters•
- *Purpose*: Water jetters are used for cutting or drilling in underground mines. They utilize high-pressure water jets to cut rock or concrete.

13. •Boring Machines and Raise Drills•
- *Purpose*: These machines are used for drilling holes for a variety of purposes, including ore extraction, exploration, and ventilation.

14. •Mucking Machines•
- *Purpose*: Mucking machines are used to remove broken rock and debris from underground mining areas to keep the work area clear and safe.

15. •Ore Passes and Chutes•
- *Purpose*: These systems are used to safely transfer ore and other materials from one level of the mine to another.

The selection of underground mining machines depends on the type of mineral being extracted, the size and geology of the mine, and safety considerations. These machines are designed to improve efficiency and safety in underground mining operations while reducing manual labor and exposure to hazardous conditions.

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