L/C Certification

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Third party inspection for a Letter of Credit

We provide inspection of heavy machinery in many places in Europe and the Middle-East. If an independent certification of machinery is required by the bank for opening an L/C we can support you.

Valuation of machinery and trucks

You are a banker and need technical advise about the items you shall finance? Our expertise can help you understanding what machine or truck it is. Is the item correctly valued? Can we support your leasing business? Is the condition wort the value on paper? Call the machine experts for advise.

Verification for B/L

if you need a check-up for a letter of credit if all items are in the port, if all items of your packing list are on site, we can help you for a reasonable fee with port cargo survey. Did your carrier deliver what is listed on the Bill of Lading? Is the item the same as listed in your documents?

Not only for Heavy Machinery

Our core business is quality inspection on heavy machinery. But since we have inspectors traveling frequently in Belgium ant the Netherlands we are able to offer inspections for other goods in the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Zeebrugge or Vlissingen. If you have trucks, cranes, excavators or other larger equipment we can help.

Feel free to ask for a quotation. Please send us a description of items, tell us the day you need the inspections and how flexible the inspection date is.

Important: You need to clarify with the port authority or with your shipping agent what kind of documents we need to provide for the access to the port. We need the port number, access address, a contact name on site including telephone number and his E-Mail address.