Equipment Inspection in Shanghai

Used machines from China?

Since we have a large network on inspectors for used construction machinery in many countries we get often asked if we can inspect excavators, bulldozers or motor graders in China, especially in Shanghai. Theoretically this would be possible and we have contacts in China that could help with heavy machinery inspections. But since there is a lot of faked offer we usually don't inspect in Shanghai.

Can we recommend buying used machines from Shanghai?

In the last couple of years we tried several times to set up an inspection process for customers, especially from Africa. In Shanghai and other places in China used machines are often offered for very attractive prices. Do we think China is a place where you will find excavators or wheel loaders in high quality for comparably low prices? The answer is no. A couple of times we found used graders, labeled as Caterpillar-made. In each case we figured out the graders are not from CAT at all but an old-fashioned Chinese copy or licensed product. It has never been an original CAT grader crane. For that reason we have stopped all crane inspection activities in China. We had always a large effort, high telephone cost and time consuming investigations just to figure out it was attempt to fraud in all cases.

What would be our recommendation?

If someone offers a used machine for a very nice price be carefully. Check if the supplier is known and if any contractor from outside China can recommend him. Ask for a legible picture of serial number plate from machine chassis and from engine. Ask a machine manufacturers (Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex, Hitachi) office if the given serial number is an original or not. Send someone for inspection before you pay. MEVAS can help with machine inspections in many coutries. We work for you in Europe, USA, Middle-East and in Chile but not in China!

Where to find machines?

We are not trading with machines. To remain independent and a real third party we do not recommend specific traders or dealers for used machinery. But if you ask us for our experience in the past with a certain dealer we can certainly tell if we or a customer has made any experience with him.

Related services of Mevas

We offer crane inspections in many European countries. Mevas has enginers available for inspection of rock drill equipment and for all kind of trucks. We have experience with concrete pumps and forestry equipment.

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