Import of used dumper trucks?

Used haul truck inspections

1) Where can you find articulated dump trucks? Go to to find websites with machinery.

2) Check what articulated dump truck size would be good for your application. Would it be clever using instead an articulated dumper a rigid dump truck or even a road truck? Ask experienced people for advise. Do you need a truck with a tailgate?

3) What brand of truck is good? Articulated haulers of Volvo are famous for durability. CAT trucks are not bad  but not as good as Volvo. Other brands work well also but have probably more problems in long term use. Most important is for import where the next available parts store is and how far the next service provider is.

4) Get the truck inspected by a third party such as MEVAS. It is quite sure the dealer will forget mentioning a couple of smal issues. The tire description will be often better than the reality. Poor tires may sum up to 12.000€ The play in pins and articulation will be always described as good. But if you pay 500€ for an inspection prior delivery you would receive detailed information about all issues. A detailed condition report would help you negotiating more repairs or better price. This way the inspection fee will be pay off.

5) Talk to supplier about tax and custom documents. Ask for advise of shipping and if he accepts Letter of Credit LC.

CAT dump truck

Pre-delivery third party inspection

6) Start early talking to your local authorities about import of the used truck and gather info about the taxes you will have to pay. It might be you have to pay import duty for the unit. This question can only be answered by your local authorities. It could also be possible you need to pay import VAT. Check these details carefully to avoid bad surprises.

8) Payment with Letter of Credit For paying a machine with an L/C there are several preconditions. Talk to your bank institute what documents are required to get an L/C set up. Several freight documents will be needed. In most cases the bank will insist in a third party independent inspection performed by a company such as MEVAS Machinery Evaluation or Bureau Veritas.

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