How to import a used bulldozer?

If you want to import a used bulldozer to your country you should take care for some important points.

1) What is the correct size of bulldozer for your application? Check for machine weight, engine power and most important for ground pressure. Selecting the bulldozer features is important to get a good performance. We have made a little guide how to select bulldozer features as a PDF document.

 2) What is the best brand for you? The highest population of bulldozers is maybe from Caterpillar and Komatsu. But in some areas other brands such as Liebherr or Hitachi are well established. But the key question for selecting a machine is maybe where the next parts store is located and where to find the next service partner.

 3) Have machine inspected prior delivery by a Mevas engineer. It is not for free but a machine in bad condition can cause you much more costly repairs than a Mevas-Inspection. We perform qualified pre-delivery inspections for bulldozers and other heavy equipment.

 4) Ask the seller to provide you with all related customs documents. Usually the machine trader has contacts to local customs offices and transport companies. He can provide you easily with the required customs documents for importing the used bulldozer and attachments.

5) Check machine dimensions for shipping and contact reliable freight forwarders for a shipping offer.

CAT bulldozer D9R

Bulldozer Specialists

6) Talk to supplier or freight forwarder about the freight insurance. It would not be the first time a vessel gets into stormy weather and the bulldozer you paid is gone lost.

7) Check with your local authorities if you need additional documents or freight inspection to import a used bulldozer. In some countries you need freight inspection by Bureau Veritas or a CEC certificate.

8) When you negotiate with seller ask at the beginning if they would accept a letter of credit. If you ask this question at the end of negotiation they might become upset.

9) If you need further support or you have special questions for import of used machinery you can ask Mevas. Some advise is free and doesn't cost money. We just charge some Euro for a full technical inspection.

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