Earthmoving Machinery Consulting

Free advise for smaller construction companies and contractors

Sometimes you may wonder which machine type or size would suit best for your work. Especially when you think about investments in additional machinery it might be reasonable to talk with some other people which experience they have. Mevas offers free advice for smaller contractors or construction companies. We can advise about earthmoving machinery, demolition equipment, recycling plant and material handling.

How do we know?

The managing director of Mevas, Mr. Wolfgang Bühn has work-life long experience with construction equipment. Having grown up in East Germany he learned to operate and repair of heavy equipment from the basics. Later he worked in a large construction company (Strabag) and in 1992 he started his career with the German Caterpillar dealer (Zeppelin Baumaschinen). Since 2006 Wolfgang is running the inspection company for used machinery Mevas. If we don't know the answer to your question we do most probably know someone who can help.

Why is it for free?

It does not cost money because we think verbal advise should not be expensive. Many people share knowledge by writing a blog or presenting information on Youtube videos. We often enjoying learning from such sources. Therefore, we want to give back something to the community. And, to be honest, we believe, you will remember Mevas some day, when you need independent inspection service for purchasing secondhand machinery.

Machine Valuation for Leasing

How does it work?

Send your question to us via our contact details. Wolfgang will either answer your question by e-mail or propose you a time slot for a Skype conversation.

More info

We have aslo free info for some specific topics. You can read how to import machinery in a safe manner. In anoter page we give info about Caterpillar TA1 and TA2 level machinery inspections. There is free information available about the measurement methods for track excavator and bulldozer undercarriages. Last but not least we have added to our knowledge-site a buch of additional information and free documents about various machinery topics.

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