Evaluation Airport Equipment

Airport Ground Vehicles

If an evaluation of airport ground support equipment is required we can probably help with our expertise in many countries. Mevas has many years experience with valuation of rolling equipment such as tractors, trailers, trucks and equipment in the construction industry. We also evaluate and appraise railroad construction machinery.

Airport ground support equipment has a similar structure as trucks, tractors and trailers. The value of the equipment is decreasing the same way. So we believe we are good in expertise and appraisal of residual values for all kind of vehicles and equipment.

Condition Report and Valuation

For the valuation of airport equipment we have an inspection checklist for each vehicle. The condition report contains basic information, safety issues, general condition and residual life of equipment and components. Each inspection report comes with a set of photos.

The structure and flexibility of our team enables us to evaluate a larger fleet of vehicles in a certain time frame. Get in touch with us if you need to inspect, valuate or appraise airport ground handling equipment.

Ground Support Equipment GSE

Which kind of equipment would we evaluate on request? We can appraise for airports the aircraft stairs, refuelers, tractors, ground power units, buses, container loader, start units, water trucks, lavatory service vehicles, belt loaders, catering equipment, boarding stairs, pushback tugs and tractors, de-icing vehicles and last but not least rescue and firefighting vehicles.

What is required for evaluation?

To deliver correct residual or market prices for ground support equipment it is necessary to know the initial new sales price. From the new price a mathematical calculation of residual value is performed. This is being corrected by general condition of each equipment and compared with market prices. Thus a correct pricing is granted.

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Airport Ground Support Equipment