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Picture gallery from our world wide inspections

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Challenger MT865C  Beside the earthmoving machines (excavators, wheel loaders) MEVAS engineers inspect frequently larger agricultural tractors. A nice example is the MT865B. It looks like a Caterpillar machine but actually it is made by Claas. CAT did not succeed selling machinery to farmers as the sales people for earthmovers obviously do not understand the customers from the agri business. Finally CAT sold this business to Claas some years ago. These machines are impressive. You get a cold shiver when you see such tractor drawing a 12m width plough and changing the powershifted gears under full load of 425 Hp. 
Volvo Machine Inspection  Volvo CE machines have an internal computer, the so called ECM. This ECM is the electronic machine control and resonsible for all electronic settings and emission control. Most articulated trucks, excavators, motor-graders and backhoe loaders of Volvo have this ECM. The control unit stores all information about machine temperature, system failure, fuel consumption and problems in a so called Matris report.
Mevas engineers are equipped with Notebook and Matris-Software to access this info. It enables the engineer to verify machine working hours and failure messages.
How big is a Caterpillar D10N?  Large, but not the biggest bulldozer Mevas has inspected so far. Below is a picture of a D11R which is even bigger than this D10N. But of course such a tractor is impressive.
We have inspected this machine in the yard of Bergerat Monnoyeur, the Caterpillar dealer for France and Poland.
Mevas engineers are trained to measure the remaining life of CAT undercarriages.
Coal Mine in USA Caterpillar 777F inspection

We got a very interesting order. An African Caterpillar dealer ordered our inspection services for five 777F trucks in Western Virginia. The machines were located in 3 different coal mines. The estimated travel & inspection time by car was approximately two days as WV has many hills with narrow roads, a lot of the just gravel roads. Closest airport was Charleston/WV. Our customer decided quite quickly to rent a helicopter with a pilot for a day.

This was we could access all five units in one day. It was cool anyhow to fly in to the mines by heli and land more or less next to the trucks. I could not believe it, but in the afternoon the pilot agreed with our customer to fly to the closest airfield to catch some Burgers for lunch. I guess this was the CO²-richest Burger I ever eat.

But in the US the clocks are ticking with another speed anyway. When I read out the machine ECM’s I was astonished to find an average idle time above 55%. It means, there are 938 hp cranking for hours just to heat up or cool down the cab. It was difficult for me as European to understand what  they do in these little coal mines.
There are in a small mine several 777 loaded by a 980G or a 4m³ excavator. It is no wonder they have more idle time than time under load. I was wondering if the mine owners do not get advice from the local CAT or competitor dealer or if they just ignore it because they do as the father did.

For me it was a good opportunity to show my client: MEVAS is able to raise 5 qualified inspections for large trucks including all documentation in two days even in the Middle of Nowhere in the US. He received full inspection reports, Caterpillar Service History (SIMS), a full Product Summary (ECM reading) and remaining tire life expectation.

CAT 740 Ejector Truck Inspection

Another very special product are so called Ejector Trucks. The bed is not like a tipper with lift cylinders but with a Ejector. The soil is being pushed out of bed while the truck is driving. In a couple of applications it makes sense. There is no need to stop the truck for unloading and it safes quite some time.
The 740 Ejector truck is not very popular. It might be there are better ways to move and deposit soil efficient. These 3 units here we inspected first time in November 2010. The next inspection was performed in February 2012 and the machines had just additional 80 working hours. It means, there was just no buyer looking for these kind of equipment for a long time.

Caterpillar 777F Inspection in Romania

MEVAS was ordered in 2011 to inspect a fleet of machines in a Romanian copper mine. There were a couple of CAT 777F mining trucks, CAT 824 wheel dozer, several 16M graders and two 992G wheel loaders. All machines with very low hours and long time stand by. The mine was closed for legal reasons.
The old Roman truck was a nice contrast to the 777F. Imagine, 20 year ago copper mines in Easter Euope were operated with these Roman-trucks and little electric front shovel excavators. What a efficency!

The whole package was finally sold to Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers and sold at the Moerdijk auction site. So we could see them again. Amazing which way equipment goes sometimes. And I guess it was a logistic challenge to bring this fleet from Transsilvania to the Netherlands.

Caterpillar RM500 reclaimer appraisal

This was a rare ocassion. We had the opportunity to inspect in France a Caterpillar RM500 soil stabilizer. There is not too much competition in this machine range. Another brand and probably the best stabilizer is Wirtgen. We inspected also in 2011 a Wirtgen W2000 in Italy and a Wirtgen W1200 in Germany.  The Caterpillar has a very comfortable cab. It can be slided to both sides for optimal view to the ground. The only proble we found on this unit: The rotor door cylinder was leaking and some chissels were worn.

Seltene Gelegenheit: Wir durften in Frankreich einen RM500 Bodenstabilisierer begutachten. In dem Bereich gibt es ja nicht zu viele Wettbewerber. Am bekanntesten und ausgereiftesten dürften wohl die Stabilisierer von Wirtgen sein. Im Jahr 2011 haben wir einen W1200 und einen W2000 inspiziert. Der Caterpillar RM500 hat eine sehr komfortable Kabine. Man kann sie auf beide Seiten verfahren zur optimalen Sicht auf den Boden.
Dieser hier hatte lediglich einen leckenden Hydraulikzylinder und einige Meißel waren verschlissen.

Fleet Evaluation in Spain

Big Job in  November 2010: Evaluation of repair cost for a Mining Fleet in a copper mine in Spain. We inspected in 4 days 23 Caterpillar trucks 777 (C,D,E,F), one Komatsu PC1100, one Komatsu PC2000, 3 Komatsu PC1250, 2 CAT grader 16G with unbelievable 52.000 hrs and one 824B wheel dozer. The smallest inspected machine was a Hitachi EX350, a 35ton hydraulic excavator. The potentially buyer of the fleet operation was interested to know the short term repair cost. We estimated roughly 850.000 Euro  repair cost.

Großer Auftrag im November 2010: Begutachtung einer Flotte von Mining-Maschinen in Spanien. Der potentielle Käufer der Mining-Operation wollte die anstehenden Reparaturen quantifiziert haben. Dazu haben wir für ihn die obenstehenden Maschinen begutachtet. Das Resultat: Reparaturkostenumfang kurzfristig: ca.  850.000 €

CAT 5110 Excavator

Inspected in November 2010: CAT 5110B as backhoe in ME version. The configuration with a hammer is quite seldom. Machine had an astonishing good condition for the 15.600 hours. Low play in slewing ring, a bit play in cylinder and main boom pin. The original engine had a low blow by. Cycle times were OK. we found just a few leaks and small damages.

Im November 2010 durften wir ein Gutachten für einen CAT 5110B erstellen. Seltene Konfiguration, dass ein Bagger dieser Größe ( 112to) mit Hammer arbeitet. Die Maschine war in erstaunlich gutem Zustand für 15.600Bh. Wenig Spiel im Drehkranz, etwas Spiel in den Lagerungen der Hydraulikzylinder und im Auslegerhauptlager. Der Motor hatte wenig blow by. Die Taktzeiten waren gut. Nur einige Leckagen und kleinere Beschädigungen.

Machine Inspection in Finland

We were send to inspect machines in Finland. But it did  not really work. The units were parked since the summer with summer-fuel. It means there was just gelee in the tanks as the temperatures over day were -10°C and at night minus 20. The batteries empty of course and the snow at least 40cm. Not really nice conditions for an examination. The tracked excavators frozen to the ground. If we really tried to inspect properly we had made maybe several damages to the machines. Anyway, we might come back in March.

Februar 2012, Auftrag Maschinen in Finnland zu besichtigen. Aber das ging nicht wirklich gut. In den Tanks war Sommer-Diesel. Das heißt, bei Temperaturen zwischen minus 10 und minus 20°C war nur Gelee drin. Die Batterien leer, ca. 40cm Schnee ringsherum und die Kettenbagger festgefroren auf dem Untergrund. Wir hätten bei dem Versuch die Inspektion richtig durchzuführen sicherlich einigen Schaden an den Geräten verursacht. Na ja, dann dürfen wir im März wieder herkommen um unsere Analyse durchzuführen.

Caterpillar D11R inspection

The managing director of MEVAS Machinery Evaluation Service while the inspection of a caterpillar D11R bulldozer in Spain. This was a nice job as the machine was clean, with low hours and well maintained.

Der Inhaber von MEVAS bei der Inspektion einer Planierraupe Caterpillar D11R. Das war mal eine einfache Inspektion. Die Maschine war gereinigt, hatte wenig Stunden und war in ausgezeichnetem Wartungszustand.

Inspection Training

Inspection Training for Used Equipment dealers is also part of our business. We train the people how to describe a machine in a certain level. The result is that other dealers in other parts of the world understand an inspection report the same way as the people who filled it up. This is helpful in networks of dealerships of a same brand. Every participant will be able to understand afterwards what means good, normal or poor condition in an appraisal report.

MEVAS führt neben Baumaschinengutachten auch Trainingsmaßnahmen für Baumaschinenhändler durch. Ziel ist weniger die technische Schulung des Personals, sondern eher das Erreichen eines gleichen Niveaus der Betrachtung von Maschinenzuständen. Das ermöglicht Händlern in Ihren Netzwerken ein Schätzgutachten zu verstehen welches ein Kollege aus einem anderen Land mit einem anderen Verständnis von gutem, normalem oder schlechtem Maschinenzustand kommt.

Inspection Appraisal Training

Picture from training as above which was held in Middle East

Noch ein Bild von oben genanntem Training welches im Mittleren Osten statt fand.

Komatsu Bulldozer Appraisal

We do a lot of work with Caterpillar machines. But many machines we inspect are from Komatsu, Liebherr or Volvo. Occasionally Terex, Atlas, older stuff like Hanomag or Euclid.

Wir erstellen viele Schätzgutachten für Caterpillar Maschinen. Das hängt etwas mit der Geschichte von MEVAS zusammen. Viele Baumaschinengutachten erstellen wir aber auch für Maschinen von Komatsu, Volvo, Liebherr, Terex, Euclid, manchmal auch noch für ältere Maschinen von Atlas, Zeppelin oder Hanomag.

Truck Caterpillar Inspection 773E

This nice and clean Caterpillar 773E was inspected in Spain. The 773 is a reliable machine with a good reputation. Occasionally you can find cracks in the frame close to the tank support, sometimes leaking rear axles or leaks at the transmission. But in general this is a good truck. Most problems caused by poor road maintenance in the quarry.

Für diesen schönen 773E Caterpillar durften wir in Spanien ein Baumaschinengutachten erstellen. Unser Sachverständiger fand eine Maschine in gutem Zustand. Der 773 ist generell ein zuverlässiger Muldenkipper  an welchem wenig Probleme auftreten. Ab und zu finden sich Risse am Rahmen in der Nähe des Tanks, es gibt undichte Achsen oder Lecks an Getriebe und Verteilergetriebe. Aber meisten entstehen diese Probleme durch schlecht gewartete Fahrwege im Steinbruch.

Truck Expertise in Africa

One of our most interesting jobs was the inspection of a bunch of Caterpillar 773B and 773D trucks in a Gold Mine in South Africa.

Einer der interessantesten Jobs für MEVAS war die Expertise an 16 Stück 773B und 773D Caterpillar in Südafrika. Ein anstrengender aber sehr interessanter Job in einer Goldmine.

Komatsu D275A

Also inspected in year 2009 was a Komatsu D275A. This was a rebuild machine in nice condition.

2009 haben wir eine Komatsu D275A begutachtet. Es war eine generalüberholte Maschine in sehr gutem Zustand.

Inspection of a caterpillar 777E truck

The world wide decrease of metal prices made in 2008 also trucks like a 1500 hrs 777E available.

Die weltweite Wirtschaftskrise und die gefallenen Rohstoffpreise machen nach einer Zeit der Maschinenknappheit sogar solche Geräte wie einen 777E mit nur 1500 Stunden verfügbar.

Caterpillar 980G expertise

There is not only nice iron to see when we come to appraise equipment. This 980G was 2008 seen in Israel.  For a 16.000 hour machine it was still good running but machines are different treated than in some other countries.  Even in a quarry the 980G was running with open doors. Inside the impression was not better than outside.

Unsere Inspektoren sehen bei der Besichtigung von Baumaschinen natürlich nicht nur schönes Eisen. Für diesen Radlader Caterpiller 980G wurde 2008 in Israel ein Baumaschinengutachten angefertigt. Für 16.000 Stunden war die Maschine strukturell noch gut in Schuss. Aber man kann deutlich sehen, dass Maschinen in anderen Ländern anders behandelt werden. Selbst im Steinbruch wurde die Maschine mit offenen Türen gefahren. Man hat es sich gespart, dieKlimaanlage instand zu setzen. Sie können sich vorstellen, wie der Radlader innen ausgesehen hat.

Sambron telehandler boom

Sometimes we find nice surprises when we come to inspect a machine. When we came to this Sambron telehandler which was described as a nice and clean machine without serious problems. We found a crack in the boom, an engine with high blow bye and 2500 hours on the counter of a 12 year old machine. It would mean mean 208 hours per year.

Manchmal erleben wir richtige Überraschungen wenn wir kommen um unsere Gutachten zu erstellen. Als unser Sachverständiger zu diesem Sambron Teleskopstapler kam fand er einen Riss im Ausleger. Der Verkäufer hatte die Maschine im Internet als "Frei von größeren Mängeln" beschrieben. Der Motor hatte hohes blow-bye und der Zähler zeigte bei 12 Jahren Maschinenalter nur 2500 h.

Zettelmeyer Wheel Loader Appraisal

The examples above gives the impression we take care mostly for big and young machines. But very often we are inspecting older stuff with high hours. Some times people or bank need to know the value of assets. Or it is just to find the right value to sell a machine. We do appraisal for any age of machines.

Unsere Bildergalerie kann den Eindruck erwecken, wir bewerten oder begutachten nur große und junge Maschinen. Oftmals geht der Sachverständige aber auf die Baustelle um ältere Baumaschinen zu bewerten. Nutzer oder die Bank wollen den Zeitwert einer Maschine oder eines Fuhrparks wissen. Wir begutachten alle Altersklassen von Maschinen.

T100 Russenraupe

No, we don't go that far for inspections. This one was not appraised. The owner Wolfgang Bühn saw this unit when inspceting machines in Georgia.  In some countries people have a different understanding how to tread the environment. Or maybe it is just the lack of money. Where this machine is parked will no gras grow for many years.

Nein, diese Maschine haben wir nicht bewertet. Der Firmeninhaber hat diese Maschine bei Inspektionen in Georgien gesehen. Es herrschen deutlich andere Umweltstandards als in Deutschland. Wo die Maschine steht, wird wohl längere Zeit kein Gras mehr wachsen.

CAT Mobilbagger

Óther countries-Other configurations. In some countries the customers use parallel boom or also called offset boom. As a new machine 10% higher price. As Used Equipment it is at leat 20% less value than a mono or VA-boom

In manchen Ländern werden sog. Seitenversetzausleger oder Parallelausleger verwendet. Als Neumaschine 10% höherer Preis. Als Gebrauchtmaschine wenigstens 20% weniger wert. Das ist aber oft so bei Spezialausrüstungen.

Front Shovel Excavator CAT 5080

Recently seen was this CAT 5080 in a German quarry. The unit had much more problems than expected. The structure was damaged a while ago due a big rock fall. Frames slightly deformed, engine door not closing anymore and a poor undercarriage. The engine has blow-bye above the average and it was leaking. All hydraulic cylinders had leaks and the machine frame was very oily. It means - at the end of the day it is better to spend 400 or 500 Euros into a good expertise than buying a machine with problems like this.

Kürzlich bewertet wurde dieser Frontschaufelbagger von Caterpillar, ein 5080 mit 13.000 Stunden. Maschine hatte sehr viele Mängel, davon zum Teil struktureller Art. Es ist also manchmal besser 400 oder 500 Euro für ein Gutachten auszugeben, als sich eine Maschine mit solchen Problemen zu kaufen.