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Earn a commission with selling our service

We are looking for people to sell our service in the local market. You have good relations to contractors? You are a good seller? You can explain what the Mevas service is about? Sell our service and make money!

How does it work?

Please read our website and learn how our service can help contractors and dealers in your country.

Explain the service to people from the construction and mining industry and convince them to purchase used machinery only after it was inspected by Mevas.

How much do we offer to pay you?

If a contractor or a dealer comes through your advise to us and if he paid us an inspection fee we grant you a commission of 50US$ (40€) for each successful arrangement. We will pay through Paypal, Revolut or another international payment application. If that does not work in your contry we can send cash after at least four arrangements (200US$ / 165 Euro)

Steps to be undertaken

If a customer from your country is interested in the service you need send us a message with his name and contact details. We confirm receipt of info. We guarantee to pay you once your customer ordered an inspection and paid our service fee.

Important is a clear and straight communication! We need to know that a customer came to us because you convinced him to contact us.

Every time you can make money

If your customer orders more than one inspection you get paid again. Each new inspection are 50$ for you.

Payment for more than one inspection

If your customer orders more than one inspection in the same place and for the same day we pay 25$ for each additional inspection.

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