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Below are some examples for Inspection & Repair Pricing. Exact price level depends very much on machine size and machine location. Please contact us by e-mail for exact quotation or just call us.

Example 1:
The inspection price for one used backhoe loader is approximately 450-650 Euro. If  the boom is cracked like in our example the repair cost is most probably above 1000 Euro.
broken used backhoe loader boom
Example 2:
Inspection of a large wheel loader costs in average 500-700 Euro. Here a radiator was leaking and repair was needed. Cost approximately 1200 Euro.
Radiator Caterpillar wheel loader leaking
Example 3:
The inspection of a mid size track excavator will cost between 480-650 Euro. The engine of this Hitachi was burning oil and had ample blow-by. The engine overhaul will cost the new owner more than 2000 Euro.
Engine blowing smoke due blow by
Example 4:
Inspection of a CAT 966G. The customer paid 600 Euro.  He was not aware he will need a new tire. The cost for replacment of this 26.5R25 XHA Michelin tire was 1900 Euro.
Wheel Loader tire with deep cut
Example 5:
Inspection of a standard size Bulldozer: 550-750 Euro. Repair of the leaking final drive would cost more than 2000 Euro.
leaking final drive of bulldozer
Example 6:
Inspection CAT 330CL, standard price depending on location is
490-680 Euro. Repair of two leaking hoist cylinders will cost approximately 1800-2500 Euro
Hydraulic hoist cylinder seepage
Example 7:
Inspection of a large quarry truck. Price normally between 670-880 Euro. The repair of a leaking final drive will cost 3000-3500 Euro.
leaking final drive seal
Not every dealer is selling machines with problems like the above. But often the people "forget" to mention some problems. A good appraisal saves your money. You can either negotiate with the seller some repairs or you can discuss the selling price. In the worst case you pay us for an inspection and you don't buy the machine because of the problems we listed in the report. In this case you save much more money than you paid us for the inspection.
Please read also our advise how to avoid becoming a victim of Scam and Fraud

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