Cargo Survey Port of Rotterdam

Survey for Heavy Equipment in the port

If you need a cargo survey in the port of Rotterdam, NL we can most probably help. For a reasonable fee we can check your items. Are all items delivered to port? Do items have visual damage? Are serial numbers OK?

BL (bill of lading) or L/C (letter of credit)

If you need a check-up for a letter of credit, if all items of your packing list are on site, we can help you for a reasonable fee. Did your carrier deliver what is listed on the Bill of Lading? Is the item the same as listed in your documents?

Caterpillar Truck in Port Rotterdam

Heavy Machinery, Tractors, Trucks etc.

Our core business is quality inspection on heavy machinery. But since we have inspectors traveling frequently in Belgium ant the Netherlands we are able to offer inspections for other goods in the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Zeebrugge or Vlissingen. If you have trucks, cranes, excavators, concrete pumps or other larger equipment we can help.

Please send us a description of items, tell us the day you need the inspections and how flexible the inspection date is. We will send you a quotation soon.