Heavy Equipment Inspections

International network of engineers

Mevas is based in Germany. With our international network of technicians we offer inspections for various kind of used equipment. Our pre-delivery inspections help choosing the good machines.

Used machinery and truck inspections

Main activity is the inspection of used construction machinery. The examination of used trucks and concrete pumps is one of our activities. Some of our technicians have been trained for inspection of lifting equipment. We have experience with special heavy equipment for mining, forestry work, farming and engineering.



Mevas engineers are specially trained in used machine inspections. We look back to 10 years of successful inspection service. Mevas does not trade with equipment and is independent. Our technicians have a lot of experience and receive regularly detailed inspection instructions. Among our valued customers are major heavy equipment suppliers from around the globe.

Inspection result and checklist

After inspection, you will receive all related pictures and the inspection checklist. For some machines you will additionally get info about service and machine history. We provide some sample reports for better understanding.

Does it pay off?

The Mevas inspection report helps better understanding the machine condition and the risk of buying a used equipment. In many cases it will enable to negotiate some additional repairs or a discount on machine price. This way the inspection pays off.

Additional services

Since Mevas team members are active in the used equipment business for more than 20 years we can offer additional services in relation to used machines and trucks.

We share some of our knowledge. If you have an interest in detailed information and you want to learn something about heavy machinery you can access our knowledge-section for free.

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